Koghb Art School
Koghb Art SchoolKoghb Art School - Photo Gallery
The Koghb Art School is located in a village in Armenia, but sought to advertise their works and services to the world. They needed a solution that was easy to update from any location (as reliable Internet is hard to find in Armenia), could manage photos of their many works, and could be delivered in Armenian and English. Together we built a custom solution based on CMS Made Simple that has made this village school visible to the world.
Technology used: CMS Made Simple, Smarty, Javascript, Flash
View the Site: KoghbArtSchool.am
Peace Corps/Armenia Intranet Portal
Peace Corps/Armenia Intranet Portal
A major problem for Peace Corps volunteers is "reinventing the wheel", or starting projects again from scratch. Working with Armenian staff and local volunteers, we implemented a solution, based on the Drupal CMS, that allowed volunteers to share their projects and ideas, and established better communication between staff in the capital and volunteers in rural areas.
Technology used: Drupal CMS, Javascript
Pi Kappa Phi website
Pi Kappa Phi websitePi Kappa Phi website
In addition to developing a public website to promote the organization, Pi Kappa Phi needed a members-only portal to store sensitive data, maintain chapter communication and alumni mailing list. Through a custom solution integrating phpBB, user authentication and a PHP-based database application, the chapter now has over 300 registered users regularly using the site.
Technology used: phpBB, PHP, mySQL
View the Site: Pi Kappa Phi - Delta Delta chapter