Peace Corps/Armenia blog
Peace Corps/Armenia blogPeace Corps/Armenia blog
To document my two year experience in the Peace Corps, and to provide a medium to share the Armenian culture, I set up a WordPress-powered blog with a custom designed theme. The site also integrates the Flickr API to showcase my photo collection within the site.
Technology used: Wordpress, Flickr API
View the Site: Kyle in Armenia
Truman State University Writing Center
Truman State Writing Center
Working directly with the clients through the project design lifecycle, applied a custom Photoshop-produced design into a working, template-based website featuring custom ASP-based applications and styles.
Technology used: HTML, ASP, MSSQL
View the Site: Truman State University Writing Center
Other Websites
Here are some examples of other sites I've developed over the years:
ACT Math - Flash-based ACT testing software (2000)Build America personal fundraising page (2004) School report about indiginous people of the rainforest (2002) FBLA chapter website (2001) Video game web-site (1999-2001) School book report (2001) School book report (2001)